Zhone Compatible Transceivers

Integra Networks, Inc. offers a wide range of optical transceivers that are coded, tested and certified to be 100% compatible with Zhone platforms. Integra Networks engineers recognize today’s multiprotocol environment and are happy to announce that we have successfully tested and certified compatibility of Integra Networks optics for the Zhone MXK Series platform. Integra Networks is committed to continue qualifying for these platforms and is dedicated to providing a variety of products for our customers.

Zhone MXK Series Platform Compatibility

Figures 1-2 demonstrate Integra Networks’ ability to accurately code and certify for Zhone. The following test was conducted by Integra Networks Engineers on the Zhone MXK Series platform.

Figures 1 and 2: Screenshots of Information/Diagnostics for Integra Networks GSFP-W43-20-GD tested in the Zhone MXK Series platform platform:

Figure 1:
Zhone Compatible Transceivers Test
Figure 2:
Zhone MZK Series Compatible Test

For more information on Integra Networks Zhone compatible products please contact Integra Networks Sales via our website or call 877-402-3850.