Whether off the shelf or fully customized, we have an assortment of fiber optics solutions that work right out of the box.


Integra’s Fiber Optic Network Solutions

Savings, Quality and Personal Service

SAVE MONEY! Save up to 70% or more on Integra Networks compatible equipment for your fiber optic network needs.

The savings that Integra Networks provides is what first gains a buyer’s attention.  However, our customers will tell you that the overall experience of doing business with Integra Networks runs far deeper than that…

  • FAST DELIVERY: Wide variety of products stocked domestically, ready for overnight shipment
  • VARIETY: ‘Off the shelf’ and customized solutions available
  • RESPONSIVE: Personalized customer relationship
  • RELIABLE: In-house testing procedures ensure a high degree of reliability

Located in New York’s Capital Region, Integra Networks Inc. is one of the industry’s fastest growing fiber optic equipment manufacturers, specializing in providing quality, cost-effective OEM compatible optical transceivers.

Integra Networks is nationally recognized for its superior products, domestically stocked inventory, short lead times, reputable engineers with a commitment to functionality and reliability, and the ability to provide personalized service including, highly customized solutions. As experts in the industry, Integra Networks is able to provide industry-standard fiber optic equipment designed to increase capacity and improve performance of the MSO, RBOC, TELCO, enterprise, education and government networks they serve.

Fiber Optics Products at a Glance

Optical Transceivers

These small, hot-swappable pluggable interfaces provide physical layer signaling for data, voice, storage and video transport networks over your WDM, CWDM and DWDM configurations. Their design and interoperability is controlled by industry-approved standards.

Passive Optical Components

Integra Networks offers a full line of passive Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) products to assist you in making the most of your network assets by transmitting multiple signals over the same fiber at different wavelengths.  Whether your needs are "off the shelf" or highly customized, we work with you to identify the right solution for your unique needs.

Bend Resistant Fiber Jumpers

Integra Networks offers a complete line of factory terminated fiber jumpers for multimode and single mode fibers and connector types. We use the most advanced ITU G.657B compliant bend resistant optical fibers where available, along with a manufacturing process that assures superior connector performance. This compliance ensures that we are meeting, if not exceeding the industry standards for optical reflectance and insertion loss.

Integra News & Events


10 Minutes with Integra Networks CEO David Prescott

A former Navy nuclear engineer who grew up on a farm in Iowa, David J. Prescott today heads Integra Networks Inc., a Latham fiber optic equipment manufacturer. Integra Networks is growing at a rate of nearly 80 percent per year.  Before launching the company in 2007, Prescott ran a… read more


Calix C7 & E7 Compatible Transceivers

Integra Networks, Inc. offers a wide range of optical transceivers that are coded, tested and certified to be 100% compatible with Calix platforms.  Integra Networks engineers recognize today’s multiprotocol environment and are happy to announce that we have successfully tested and certified compatibility of Integra Networks optics for the Calix C7 and… read more


Retired Marine Roman is an under 40 ‘Rising Latino Star’

GLENVILLE — Gunnery Sgt. Albert Roman Jr. has no idea who nominated him for The Hispanic Coalition NY’s 2014 40 Under 40 Rising Latino Stars list. “It’s a mystery,” the retired Marine said. The award, presented March 22, took the 35-year-old Glenville resident by complete surprise.“I’m very humble…. read more


New! CIENA 4200 Platform Compatibility for Tunable Optics

Integra Networks, Inc. is very pleased to announce that we now are offering tunable optics compatible with the CIENA 4200 platform. Our tunable optical transceivers are coded, tested and certified to be 100% compatible with the CIENA 4200 platform. The figure below is a screenshot… read more

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